Ap 208 Tower B Centaurus Mall, Islamabad

DIgital Pakistan

Here at URL, we have partnered with industry leaders since 2014 to digitize the planned urban area of the whole Pakistan. We have been successful in creating one of the biggest spatial database of the country which comprises over 4 million properties. All properties have digital logs of more than 50+ attributes including revenue information, land use, built up or vacant status, approval status, area, location, road access, floor area ratio, etc. The development of the database is the first step towards the Digital Transformation of Real Estate Industry. This digital data can be used for several innovative solutions such as identification/inception of need-based demand-driven projects, market appetite and comparative analysis, trend analysis, pricing valuation, risk assessment, legal status of urban properties, targeted campaigns, etc. This digital database lays the foundation for a comprehensive development plan i.e, Pakistan Development Plan, which is going to be a strategic framework for the economic upliftment of the country in next 20 years

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